Friday, August 27, 2010

Night Falls Darkly - By Kim Lennox

Rating: Full Moon (3 out of 5)

Death is inevitable.
But there are some souls,
more wicked and disobedient than most,
who defy Death’s claim.
Rebellious souls who must be called to heel.

~Read an

A Look Into the Story: Elena Whitney is an orphan who, after getting into an accident and losing her memory began a life at the house of Archer, Lord Black; her tall and mysterious guardian whom she is beginning to become even more attracted to. Training to become a physician, Elena is already being courted by the kind Dr. Charles Harcourt but still feels a connection to Archer. Something about him makes her even more curious about her past and why her guardian has returned to London.

Archer is a member of the Order of the Shadow Guards; a select group of immortals who hold the responsibility of ridding the world of evil souls. His reason for coming back to his home in London is to hunt down the evil soul that is Jack the Ripper. With Queen Victoria requesting him to stay focused on his job at hand, Archer feels that being around Elena will only cause him to become distracted so he tries to distance himself while at the same time trying to protect the women on the streets at night. As time passes between them, Archer finds it harder and harder to keep his secrets from Elena as well as his need to act on his desires for her but those desires soon turn into worries when his young ward becomes Jack the Ripper's next target.

~Overall Thoughts~

I've always loved when historical mixes with paranormal, it's another poison of mine. With the Shadow Guard being set in Victorian London; my favorite, I was looking forward to reading this first book. In the beginning, things moved along kind of slow but it was still interesting in some ways. To me, it felt more like a work of paranormal fiction and mystery than a true "Romance Novel" the characters had their fun and interesting moments with one another; like when Elena dares Archer to get his first tattoo to match her own. Their was the attraction between them and the result of it was shown in the end. Overall I did enjoy reading Night Falls Darkly, as a work of mystery and fiction with characters that had their points of interest while I read through the story.

Favorite Moment: Archer needs a hair cut and asks Elena to do it. She begins to remember how she used to cut her grandfather's hair in the past, but the way she is leaning closer to Archer makes him believe she wants to kiss him....until she blurts out "I used to cut hair, I can do this!" while grinning. This of course....makes Archer very disappointed, and even...frustrated. [men always hope for their desired woman to want them don't they? :)]

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  1. A paranormal series set in Victorian times?! I really need to get this book! Thanks for the review.