Tuesday, August 24, 2010

~Grand Opening~

Hello to all and welcome to Paranormal Inferno: Book reviews! A place for all things strange, yet romantic. Stop by and stay awhile for news about your favorite immortal eye-candy and even some new ones you're willing to let into your heart. Book Reviews, info on new releases, interviews, Giveaways and more can all by found here at Paranormal Inferno~ [brought to you by the maker of narb and my boss :) ] If you're in search of more info, or just want to leave comments and questions, you can reach me through the infamous portals of face book, twitter, goodreads and of course email.

Hoping to post much, more more in the future,
your paranormal pixie, Carsen

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  1. just friended you on good reads, check out my bookshelf for some suggestions :)