Tuesday, August 10, 2010

~Inagural Post~

As my first blog I have hopes of meeting even more paranormal romance lovers and just novel lovers in general. I want to continue my passion of reading and write reviews on the books that I hold dear to my heart...and maybe even the ones that I hold in my trash bin (although that's usually a rare thing) Now then....it's that time to list my goals for this blog, 1.) Expand my knowledge of the paranormal realm 2.) Interview authors 3.) Hold a giveaway 4.) Get some guest speakers 5.)Voice my opinions while also hearing the opinions of others. There are many things that keep my love for novels growing, like the many talented authors that continue writing more and more books for our enjoyment. Both the characters and interesting plots of my favorite writers are what inspire me the most and I hope that never changes. So once again thanks for taking a look at my blog and I hope you enjoy it.

[P.s I'm open to any recommendations given so feel free to leave comments or messages. :) ]

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