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Review: Reclaimed (The Fire and Ice Series) By Kim Faulks

Brief Description:

Natalie Sommers is an armed bodyguard. She has completed two tours in Afghanistan with the Australian Army and carries five different weapon licenses. To say she is a tough, no-nonsense woman, is an understatement. But underneath the tough exterior that she shows, lies the truth that she won’t admit - that she is lonely.

So when she is hired to escort the rich and gorgeous Alexander Ash around the dazzling backdrop of Sydney she can’t help but become seduced by his fixation of her. But it is no accident that Alexander has walked into her life, as he has met her, loved her and fought for her before.

Alexander Ash has sworn he would love her forever, even if it means searching for all eternity…and eternity is a long time for a vampire. The Fire and Ice Series is a tale of undying passion and love as Natalie is torn between two immortals that hold a secret so deadly that it will tear her world apart.



If there’s one thing Natalie Sommers hates most, it’s pompous and arrogant clients who think the term “bodyguard” means “personal slave.” So imagine her displeasure when her boss pairs her up with a client who [reeks, epitomizes, etc.] of arrogance. Natalie knows how men like Alexander Ash work their way into sleeping with any woman, and she’s not fooled. But as fate would have it, she ends up agreeing to guard this man who is currently in need of protection while he is in the city visiting his own clients and taking care of business at a number of appointments. And it just so happens, that he also has a certain function he would like to attend…an All Hollow’s Eve ball. Although, Natalie doesn’t really see the importance in such an event and when she questions Mr. Ash about the meaning of All Hollow’s Eve, his answer is simple, yet interestingly vague; [“It’s when dead things come out to play, Miss Sommers.”]

That same afternoon, and after a therapeutic session at the shooting range, Natalie decides to finally go and meet Alexander at the hotel he’s staying in. It’s not surprising to see a tall thirty-foot or more story building, but it is a little more impressing when she learns he’s rented out the most expensive suite, the Royal Suite, at the top floor which is virtually impossible to book; a fact that now made Alexander Ash even more dangerous to Natalie. A man such as Mr. Ash definitely had money…and a lot of connections.

After sitting in the lounge and discussing the day’s schedule with whom Natalie assumes to be his attractive assistant, the door to Alexander’s bedroom is finally opened, but by three women….not Natalie’s client. Hiding her embarrassment from the sight of the skimpily-dressed women who look like they’re still full of lust for Alexander, Natalie decides then and there that she can’t wait for this “business” to be done with. Once Mr. Ash was showered and dressed, he was ready to leave with Natalie...and thus began the first wave of a new feeling that would soon overcome Natalie’s body.

The two travel by limo, Natalie sitting beside Alexander as they are driven to each destination. Throughout the rides, all she can think of is hoping that this time spent with her new attractive client passes quickly, but as the time does pass, Natalie begins to realize that she is no longer exactly ignoring this man like she originally intended. She begins to form thoughts in her mind of Alexander’s looks, personality, his physique, and she cannot yet understand why something as simple as his smile is making her heart and stomach begin flutter.

As soon as Natalie is so sure it’s just her nerves, something else begins to bother her…a voice; not near or around them, but inside Natalie’s mind and invading her thoughts. Natalie starts to hear it loud and clear inside of her head; it sounds seductive, enticing....and a lot like...Alexander’s voice. Natalie tries to forget about it and blame it all on her suspicions, but can’t seem to get this voice out of her head. She even continues to feel a touch against her skin; the touch of lips and the feeling of breath against her neck. What’s wrong with her? She attempts to force herself to behave and act professionally while with him, but the more time she spends with Alexander, the greater her desires and feelings for him become.

Once the tiring, confusing and definitely eventful day is done with, Natalie and Alexander return to Alexander’s suite. Natalie is both relived and excited to finally get the chance to go home and be apart from Alexander and the growing urges that have been increasing since the day began. But Mr. Ash’s assistant requests that she stay and tells Natalie that Alexander has already prepared a bedroom for her with all the accommodations she may need; because he figured it was a part of her duty to spend nights with the client she is protecting. How lovely. Despite her own intentions, Natalie decides to stay…at least she can take advantage of the upscale room and bed while she’s there. During her stay, Natalie notices that another group of women have decided to join Alexander for the night. Once more she attempts to ignore her perverted thoughts and tries to get some sleep, but all she can seem to focus on are the noises and moans of pleasure emitting from Alexander’s bedroom, all while becoming more unconsciously sexually frustrated for Alexander Ash.

Tomorrow comes and Natalie is still confused about this whole All Hallow's Eve thing, so she questions Alexander, who calmly tells her that he plans to go in costume and has already chosen something for Natalie to wear, as well. The tough red head doesn't have to question him much further, since Alexander happily admits that he is choosing to go dressed as the great Dracula, and he's already selected the perfect outfit for Natalie; Dracula's bride.

The evening certainly takes a turn for the...shall we say "scandalous" (rooms filled with countless aroused guests, plenty of deepening desires, and Alexander openly tempting Natalie further get her to give into him, and dark and mysterious new man appearing at the party driven to search for Natalie and bring her with him.) and by the end of this, it's quite clear that Natalie has made a risky choice is working with the seductive, alluring yet dangerous client that is Alexander Ash.

Final Thoughts:

The first out of her five-part Fire and Ice series, author Kim Faulks brings out the spellbinding passion and eroticism within the twisted love triangle centering the lead, Natalie Sommers. In reading this novella, it was clear that it was a story packed with all sorts of action and also fast-paced. Kim goes into detail with her writing; not just in describing the events of the story, but also with the developments of romance between the characters. 

The story of Natalie isn’t just a single line focusing on her struggle to understand more of what lies ahead for her, but is instead a web of lies and truths that seem to lead to more questions about the role she plays in all of it. Adding more confusion to her story is her constant yearning for love and companionship which could be found in either of the two male leads, who are themselves shrouded in mystery. What seemed to me to be the most intriguing are these two characters themselves. They come across as very complex and mysterious, it is often difficult to know exactly what they’re thinking and what their motives are, that by the end of the whole story, you’d be left wishing for more. The only negative things that I would have to say about this novella is that, at times,there were scenes that seemed a little too fast-paced and I felt there could be a little more description in certain parts so I could get a better understanding. Still, all in all Reclaimed is an intriguing and wonderful read, and with an extremely interesting cliffhanger and plot-twist at the end of the story, you may find yourself quickly choosing to buy the next installment of this series; Seductive Sands.

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